John Mueller: The Price for Peace in Syria Is Cooperation with Assad

For those whose chief concern is the welfare of the Syrian people, the conclusion, however painful, should be obvious. The United States and other intervening states should work primarily to bring the suffering to a substantial close, and this likely means cutting off support to most rebel combatants in Syria and working with—perhaps even directly supporting—Assad and his foreign allies

Mary Dejevsky: UK as Spearhead for Anti-Russian Alliance

Every now and again you hear a snatch of a radio bulletin or glimpse a newspaper headline and wonder where on earth it might have come from – so disconnected does it seem from everything else that is going on. This was my response to a recent front-page in the British Guardian newspaper that said: “Revealed: UK push to strengthen anti-Russia alliance”.

Andrei Kortunov: A Letter to John: Where Are U.S.-Russia Relations Headed?

A Letter to John: Where Are U.S.-Russia Relations Headed?
In the decades I spent working with the United States, I acquired quite a large circle of contacts in Washington. Collectively, they represent the so-called American establishment. Today, I’d like to address these Washingtonians as one individual, whom I’ll name John for the sake of simplicity.

PODCAST: Stephen F. Cohen on Here And There with Dave Marash

Donald Trump keeps saying he wants to be Vladimir Putin’s friend, but Trump’s renunciation of the nuclear arms agreement with Iran won’t help the relationship, and neither will Israeli attacks on Iranian forces fighting on Russia’s side in Syria.  Scholar-analyst Stephen F. Cohen of NYU and Princeton and The Nation on why the US and Russia aren’t getting along.  Cohen says one reason is the US News Media and its addiction to stories that put Putin in a bad light.

Lev Golinkin: Violent Anti-Semitism Is Gripping Ukraine, And The Government Is Standing Idly By

Poroshenko became president following the bloody Maidan uprising of 2013-2014, in which ordinary Ukrainians died for the right to live in a democratic, Western nation. But at best, Poroshenko’s government has ignored the anti-Semitism problem in its midst; at worst, it has actively encouraged it.

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