NPR: Pence, Putin And Bolton Have ‘Informal Conversation’ At Asian Summit In Singapore

Vice President Pence and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat next to each other and chatted briefly Thursday at the East Asia Summit in Singapore, in a conversation that also included national security adviser John Bolton.

NYT: Zhores Medvedev, 93, Dissident Scientist Who Felt Moscow’s Boot, Is Dead

With Roy Medvedev, the physicist Andrei D. Sakharov, the author Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn and others, Dr. Medvedev was a central figure in the seething intellectual dissidence that exposed, largely through underground literature known as samizdat, the repression of ideas, science and human rights in the Soviet Union.

Nicolai N. Petro: Russia’s Mission

A decade ago, influential Russian analysts concluded that the emergence of a multipolar world was inevitable, and that Russia could benefit from this transition by adopting a strategy that combined great power realism and “traditional” Russian values.This strategy, first elaborated in Vladimir Putin’s Valdai Speech of 2013, has since come to be known as “civilizational realism.” This essay describes how, through civilizational realism, Russia hopes to forge a new, and more ‘congenial’ world order.

Bloomberg: Congress Likely to Shelve New Russia Sanctions as Clock Runs Out

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker, who would be key to advancing any legislation, said that passing a bill he’s sponsored called the Deter Act “would be sort of missing the mark” after a U.S. vote that appears to have been unmarred by Russian meddling.

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