Robert Parry on Receiving Harvard’s I.F. Stone Medal

The annual award, established in 2008 to honor Stone’s life and to recognize journalists capturing the spirit of his independence, integrity, and courage, was presented to Parry for his career distinguished by meticulously researched investigations, intrepid questioning, and reporting that has challenged mainstream media.

Lev Golinkin: How the Holocaust Haunts Eastern Europe

Earlier this month, Kiev made headlines by banning “Stalingrad,” an award-winning book by Antony Beevor, an acclaimed British historian, on account of a single paragraphthat mentions a Ukrainian unit killing Jewish children. Poland’s ruling far-right Law and Justice Party proposed legislation making it illegal to accuse Poles of participating in the Holocaust, and targeted authors and journalists for daring to say otherwise. Once again, the Jews of Eastern Europe may face persecution and censorship for honoring their slain.

William J. Perry: It is now two minutes to midnight

For some time I have feared that the threat of nuclear disaster has grown beyond the risk we faced during the darkest years of the Cold War. The events of the past year have only increased my concern that the danger of a nuclear catastrophe is increasingly real.

Amb. Tony Kevin (Australia) – Current Prospects for East-West Detente

Former Australian diplomat Tony Kevin (Australian Ambassador to Poland 1991-94, and to Cambodia 1994-97) gave a talk entitled ‘Current Prospects for East-West Detente- Reflections of a Former Western Diplomat’ to the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Russian History in late January.

Politico: Shultz warns Congress against low-yield nuclear weapons

Former Republican Secretary of State George Shultz on Thursday warned Congress against embracing the Trump administration’s consideration of new nuclear weapons with smaller explosive yields – as proposed in a draft of the Pentagon’s pending Nuclear Posture Review.

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