Russia Steps Up Calls to Dismantle European Antimissile System

Russia stepped up its calls Friday to dismantle the missile defense system being built in Europe by the U.S. and its allies, saying that the recent nuclear deal with Iran undercuts Washington’s chief argument for the system.

The U.S.-Russia “phony war”: How Washington could bring us from stalemate to catastrophe

The Ukraine crisis and the attendant confrontation with Russia assume a “phony war” feel these days. As in the perversely calm months between the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and the Blitzkrieg into the Low Countries the following spring, nothing much seems to be happening.

No one took comfort then—a fog of anxiety suffused everything—and no one should now

Russia and Nato war games increase risk of real clash, report says

Russia and Nato have been conducting increasingly large-scale military exercises to prepare for a possible conflict with each other, but the war games themselves are making a clash more likely, a new report warns.

The report by the European Leadership Network (ELN) thinktank calls on both sides to communicate more and to improve the transparency of their military activities

Top Army leader: Russia is “most dangerous” threat facing U.S.

In what is coming to look like an almost weekly occurrence, yet another top US military official has declared Russia to be a top threat to the US in spite of (or perhaps because of) the successful conclusion to the P5 + 1 talks in Vienna and recent reports of US-Russian diplomacy regarding Syria.

Beware Ukraine’s Rising Right Sector

Since the Maidan Revolution, Right Sector has maintained only marginal public support. Currently, the party holds just one seat in the parliament of 422. Recently, however, as the group has become more outspoken against the current Petro Poroshenko administration, its numbers have risen.

Why are US Officials Blasting Russia After the Iran Deal?

Nation contributing editor and ACEWA Founding Board Member Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor continue their weekly discussion of the renewed US-Russian Cold War.

This week, the subjects include, among other things, why, after President Obama praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his role in the agreement with Iran, is his administration escalating its rhetorical and military offensive against Russia?

BREAKING: New Diplomacy Seen on U.S.-Russian Efforts to End Syrian Civil War

With President Bashar al-Assad of Syria facing battlefield setbacks, diplomats from Russia, the United States and several Middle Eastern powers are engaged in a burst of diplomatic activity, trying to head off a deeper collapse of the country that could further strengthen the militant group Islamic State.

2015 UNHCR regional operations profile – Europe

The latest report from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees notes that “Large-scale displacements in Ukraine have called for urgent responses to growing humanitarian needs. As of mid-September, the number of IDPs in Ukraine stood at over 275,000. External displacement is also on the rise.”

Ukraine blacklists Russian artists for rebel support

Ukraine has named 14 Russian singers and actors, including French-born Gerard Depardieu, whose work will be banned from TV, radio and cinemas.

Ukraine said they were a “threat to national security” for supporting Russia’s annexation of Crimea and pro-Russian separatists in the east.

Canadian journalist writes from Ukraine praising extreme-right paramilitaries

One of Canada’s well known journalists was in Ukraine last month on reporting duty. Readers of mainstream media in Canada will be surprised to read Diane Francis’ observations of her visit. She has penned several articles in the World Post praising the extreme-right and neo-Nazi paramilitary forces that are allied with the Ukrainian government in waging civil war in the east of the country.

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