Yasha Levine: The war in Artsakh

Last week, Azerbaijan –  with Turkey’s backing –  launched a surprise attack on the Artsakh Republic, a contested mountainous region that ethnic Soviet Armenians won control of following a bloody war between Armenia and Azerbaijan –  a war that broke out as the Soviet Union was starting to collapse

Defense One: Pentagon Downplays National Security Concerns From Trump’s Diagnosis

Alarmist and inaccurate reports that the United States had launched nuclear command-and-control planes in connection with Trump’s Thursday diagnosis quickly proliferated on Twitter, while on cable networks and news sites, national security analysts said the diagnosis put the United States into “uncharted territory” and “deep into the danger zone.”

Sergei Markedonov: Nagorno-Karabakh: A Flare-Up, or All-Out War?

The most likely scenario amid renewed clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a battle for small and not particularly important pockets of land, allowing for the symbolic declaration of a victory. But raising the bar in a conflict makes it very difficult to stop as planned.

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