Seva Gunitsky and Andrei P. Tsygankov: The Wilsonian Bias in the Study of Russian Foreign Policy

The scholars examine some problematic narratives in the American international relations scholarship on Russia, focusing on some implicit assumptions about the drivers of Russian foreign policy.

Gordon Hahn: PUTIN 5.0: Tea Leaves

Perhaps now, with the fourth presidential term for Vladimir Putin having begun, we can put aside all the empty talk of ‘imminent coups’, color revolutions, ‘fatal illnesses,’ and perhaps the American rusological community that foisted them upon our post-fact world and get down to some realistic forecasting…

Paul Saunders: Will Russia Move to the Left? Q&A with Maksim Shevchenko.

Each nation develops in its own way. I believe that after all mistakes and after all the experiments, for the Russian people, and for other peoples, the path to socialism, of course not the socialism that was in the twentieth century, but of modern socialism, the path to the social state, is best.

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