‘The Washington Post’ Finally Finds a War It Won’t Cheer

 We are informed via the Washington Post that “continued airstrikes Friday suggested that Russia’s main priority remains the anti-Assad rebellion in northern and western Syria, which poses a greater threat to the regime’s control over Damascus, the capital, than the forces of the Islamic State, concentrated in the far north and east of the country.”

This is a rather masterful insinuation of Russian malfeasance where none exists.

Western spin machines functioning at full capacity on Syria

Well the ‘US good, Russia bad’ propaganda drive has reached full-blown hysteria mode this week. My sincerest compliments to the usual suspects, you are absolutely playing a blinder.

I’m especially impressed by how quickly you all became such staunch humanitarians and tallied up the civilian casualties from the handful of Russian strikes mere moments after the bombs were dropped. That’s dedication.

Winter Is Coming. And So Is Ukraine’s Far Right.

There’s a reason most revolutions in Eastern Europe begin in the winter, from Russia in 1905 to Ukraine’s Maidan in 2013. Once the cold settles in, a government’s empty promises are laid bare. Over the next several days, forecasters are predicting, the temperature in Ukraine will plunge to freezing. When President Petro Poroshenko looks at the thermometer, he should be worried.

EU must improve Russia ties, says Commission chief Juncker

The EU must restore a “practical relationship” with Russia and not let the US “dictate” that policy, the European Commission chief has said.

Jean-Claude Juncker criticised US President Barack Obama’s description of Russia as merely “a regional power”.

Putin’s plan for Syria: Only Russia has a clear goal—we should join it or stay out

According Rachel Polonsky, a Fellow of Murray Edwards College at the University of Cambridge and author of Molotov’s Magic Lantern: A Journey in Russian History: “If we cannot support Russia in its mission now, or even define our own, we should stand aside. No good has come from our policy of regime change. The UK government’s position on Syria is neither logical nor honest

One thing that both IS and Russia understand is that control of territory is everything. Palmyra is territory, and territory has meaning, which it takes knowledge-—of geography, history, languages, religions, cultures and the nature of one’s enemies—to understand. John McCain calls Russia a “gas station masquerading as a country.” He should read War and Peace.”

Prof. Stephen F. Cohen Talks With John Batchelor

Earlier in the week ACEWA Board Member Dr. Stephen F. Cohen continued his weekly conversation with radio host John Batchelor. The conversation helped to shed much need light on recent developments in the Donbas, and the discussants delved into the wide ranging implications of Russia’s recent intervention into the Syrian civil war.

Ukraine leader says he hopes ‘fragile truce’ will hold

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko struck a conciliatory tone on Friday in his comments on Russia and Moscow-backed rebels during his visit to Kazakhstan, the Kremlin’s ally in Central Asia.

“Few had believed this (but) we did our best and, as a result of our efforts, guns have been silent for more than two weeks and this gives grounds for cautious optimism with regard to the implementation of other parts of the Minsk agreements,” Poroshenko said at a meeting with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, referring to a ceasefire in Ukraine’s east.

Syria air strikes: US and Russia expected to hold talks over risk of planes clashing

The Pentagon has said it expects to hold new talks with Russia’s military on pilot safety in Syria’s war as soon as this weekend as the US and the Kremlin seek to avoid accidental clashes as they carry out separate bombing campaigns.

Russia’s entry into Syria’s civil war has complicated America’s more than year-old campaign of air strikes against Islamic State. At least one US jet had to change course to avoid an incident.

How Russia outplayed America in the Middle East’s great game

The cliché of the Russian chessmaster strategist might be a cliché for a reason. The regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin might have feet of clay, but the man is smart.

By going all-in on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the war in Syria, he has put Russia at the center of the great game in the Middle East.

In Assad’s heartland, villagers see Russians as saviours

The village of Jebleh is a good place for plane-spotters. Last week dozens of Russian fighter-bombers – Sukhoi Su-24s, 25s and 35s – took off from the Bassel al-Assad airbase less than a mile away, roaring through the cloudy autumn skies towards their targets in Syria’s north and east.

Here, people see the Russians as loyal friends who have supported the Assad dynasty for 45 years and who have finally, after four years of civil war, come to their aid.

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