Prof. Paul Robinson Comments on Timothy Snyder

I think it is fair to say that Snyder and I have very different views of the conflict in Ukraine. He has acquired a reputation as one of the more outspoken supporters of the Maidan revolution and as a fierce opponent of ‘Russian aggression’. He says a lot of silly things, in my opinion, but in this segment he outdoes himself.

West to blame for Europe’s migrant crisis, say Erdogan, Putin

Putin, speaking to the Russian news agency TASS, said he warned the West about the possible consequences of its Mideast and Africa policy several years ago.

“What is this policy about? This is imposing its standards without taking into consideration historic, religious, national and cultural specifics of these regions,” Putin told the Russian news agency TASSat the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

Pushing the Edge on Nuclear War

Official Washington’s neocons and liberal hawks are ratcheting up tensions again over Ukraine with the goal of humiliating and even destabilizing nuclear-armed Russia – and there’s no modern-day JFK to tamp down the enthusiasm, an existential risk that ex-U.S. diplomat William R. Polk examines.

Ukraine’s government bears more responsibility for ongoing conflict than the far-right

…During war violence can become trivialised, particularly when it is far from home – and far from Kiev. However, the war takes on new meaning when an angry and armed veterans come back, feeling betrayed by the government.

It is the current government that bears more responsibility for the ongoing conflict than the Ukrainian far-right and its armed groups. It is the current government who are responsible for new repressions, censorship and discriminatory measures.

Putin urges investment in Russia’s vast Far East

President Vladimir Putin urged domestic and foreign investors on Friday to help develop Russia’s vast Far East region, promising high returns and reassuring Asia-Pacific economies about their strategic importance.

Putin, speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum in the city of Vladivostok, an event he initiated, told his government to increase its efforts to develop the region.

The Daily Ignorance: ‘Bestial’ Distortions of Jihadism in Russia

In a recent piece of blissful, indeed bestial ignorance…Michael Weiss plies his ‘journalistic’ hand to Russia – in particular, its opaque North Caucasus and mujahedin – with less than sterling results….Weiss is the editor of The Daily Beast – a very fitting title for a venue featuring such work.

What you need to know about the dangerous new phase in the Ukraine crisis

The slightly fetid “phony war” in Ukraine—the unsettling stagnation noted in this space a month ago—is emphatically over. Suddenly there is movement on several fronts, and some of it is promising. But this is a dangerous moment, too, chiefly because Washington’s bet on the post-coup government in Kiev, bad from the outset, is on the brink of producing a result so ugly and shameful its consequences all around cannot now be calculated.

Russia says will respond in kind to new U.S. sanctions over Ukraine

Moscow said on Wednesday it would react in kind to United States’ widening of sanctions imposed on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, criticizing the move as straining relations and posing risks for international stability.

The U.S. Federal Register said on Wednesday Washington was adding 29 people to the sanctions list to tighten restrictions previously imposed on Russia.

Berlin and Paris Versus Kiev: A Conversation with Stephen F. Cohen

Nation contributing editor Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor continue their weekly discussions of the new cold war. This installment focuses on different but related recent developments. According to Cohen, by summoning Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President François Hollande made clear that the US-backed government in Kiev, not Moscow, is blocking implementation of their Minsk plan for negotiating an end to the Ukrainian civil war.

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