Ukraine plans to join fight against Isis means troops could come up against Russian forces in Syria (Independent)

Ukraine has drawn up plans for a potential military contribution to the fight against Isis in Syria in a move that could also pit its troops against Russian forces in the Middle East.

Turkey says Russia violated its airspace near Syria border (BBC)

Turkey has accused Russia of again violating its airspace and warned it would “face consequences” if such infringements continue.

The foreign ministry said a Russian jet flew into its airspace on the border with Syria on Friday. Moscow described the claim as “baseless propaganda”.

Moscow-based Journalist Danielle Ryan Takes on the 2015 Global Peace Index Rankings

According to Ryan, the rankings are “incredibly misleading. Regardless of the methodology used, there is no way Russia ends up the 11th most dangerous country on earth, one notch above North Korea, more dangerous than war-torn Middle Eastern countries and some of the most poverty-stricken regions of Africa. Even if the indicators were all accurately measured…the combined result is still highly misleading.”

Russia wants to talk to OPEC about output cuts to bolster oil price (CNBC/Reuters)

Russian officials have decided they should talk to Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries about output cuts to bolster oil prices, the head of Russia’s pipeline monopoly said on Wednesday, remarks that helped spur a sharp rise in world prices.

GOP Lawmakers Seek To Reinstate Ban on Russian Rocket Engines (Defense News)

Two influential Republican lawmakers plan to introduce legislation that would reinstate restrictions on using Russian rocket engines for US military space launch.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., are introducing legislation Wednesday to repeal a provision in a law they say allows the unlimited purchase and use of rocket engines manufactured by a Russian company.

The Doomsday Clock Remains at Three Minutes to Midnight (James Carden)

At a press conference held by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on Tuesday, former Defense Secretary William Perry pointed out there is a very real danger of an accidental nuclear war between the United States and Russia. This is all too true given the fact that US and Russian forces are operating in close proximity in the skies over Syria, where they are operating in the absence of a unified command.

PODCAST: Opponents of a US-Russia Detente Take The Offensive (Stephen F. Cohen)

This week’s discussion between Prof. Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor focused on high-level attempts to undermine recent efforts by Secretary Kerry at easing East-West tensions, among which are the recent UK report alleging that Putin was behind the radiation assassination of a former Russian security agent in London and Vice President Biden’s statement that Washington was prepared to undertake a “military solution” to the conflict in Syria.

Russia’s Lavrov Denies Offering Asylum to Syria’s Bashar Assad (NBC News)

Russia has not asked Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, nor has it offered him political asylum if he quits, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.

The denial came as the Kremlin’s top diplomat faced questions from reporters about Moscow’s international relations, including its role in Syria peace talks and the Ukraine conflict.


Vladimir Putin recently shocked a lot of people with an unscripted denunciation of Lenin. This should not have come as such a surprise. Although Western commentators often describe Putin as an ex-KGB agent keen to restore the Soviet Union, in reality he has repeatedly made it clear that he regards communism as a failed model of development…

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