John E. Pepper: The Risk and Danger of Turning Nations Who Are Competitors into Existential Enemies

It was December, 1989.  I had just assumed responsibility for Procter & Gamble’s International business.  I was excited about the future opportunities, for P&G and for the world and personally.  Francie and I had always loved going to and understanding other countries and their cultures.  It was an exciting time.

Robert Wright: Samantha and the Power of Denial

Members of the foreign policy establishment—the agglomeration of liberal hawks and neocon ultrahawks that have been dubbed “the blob”—scratch each other’s backs and forgive each other for making the same kinds of bad calls they’ve made. So the blob keeps blobbing.

Daniel McCarthy: The Real Reason Donald Trump Could Be Impeached

I know it’s far-fetched, but if, just for a moment, we imagine that Hunter Biden does not have the skills of the sort that a Ukrainian oil company needs badly enough to purchase for $600,000 per year, then what could possibly have prompted a generous oligarch to lavish such sums on this lucky American?

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