Paul Grenier: Russia-gate as Symptom: The Crisis of American Community

Are the divisions that fragment the United States primarily driven by some deep flaw in its political life, or was the United States doing just fine, thank you very much—until Russia came along during the 2016 presidential race and started sowing division and dissension? Framed that way, the question answers itself.

Robert Legvold and Valery Garbuzov: A discussion on US-Russian relations

Washington is boiling with passions, and the new sanctions are only the initial step of the US response to the Russian foreign policy, which has become much more active recently. Contradictions tear America apart and it suffers from a “constitutional crisis”. Can Russia and the US return to the path of constructive cooperation in the present conditions?

‘Meeting Gorbachev’ Review: Werner Herzog Finds a True Hero in Documentary

Herzog’s is a nostalgic, grateful, and surprisingly tender lament for a breed of politician that wanted to bring people together — that saw world peace as an extension of their patriotic duty, and not anathema to it.

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