Doug Bandow: Refuting NATO’s Latest Dumb Ideas

When it became evident that Joe Biden had won the U.S. presidency, European officials, NATO bureaucrats, Eurocratic elites, and most other Europeans collectively exhaled in relief. Washington think tanks produced a swarm of papers and webinars featuring the same advocates celebrating the return of the consensus that Americans must forever pay for the continent’s defense.

Nicolai Petro: Joe Biden and the Challenge of Ukraine

It may make sense for America to step back and avoid the temptation to take sides in [Ukrainian] political, cultural, and religious debates for temporary foreign policy advantage. This was the approach that George Kennan advised taking toward Russia after its liberation from communism. “Let them work out their internal problems in their own manner,” Kennan wrote, for “the ways by which people advance towards dignity and enlightenment in government are things that constitute the deepest and most intimate processes of national life. There is nothing less understandable to foreigners, nothing in which foreign influence can do less good.”

Beatrice Fihn: How to implement the nuclear weapons ban treaty

I think it’s really important to delegitimize nuclear weapons and devalue them. We’ve almost created this mythical perspective on these weapons, that they somehow are safeguarding the world and that they somehow have all these magical attributes, which isn’t true. It’s just a really giant radioactive bomb. It’s not magic, it’s not special.

Institute for Public Accuracy: Biden Nominates Victoria Nuland to #3 Position at State Department

James W. Carden tells IPA’s Sam Husseni that, “As Biden’s undersecretary of political affairs, Nuland would have immense influence over policy and personnel. Progressives in Congress and their partners in the media, think tank world and among grassroots activists should join forces with the growing caucus of anti-interventionist Republicans on the Hill and vigorously oppose this nomination.”

Joe Cirincione: Why the US wastes billions on nuclear weapons it doesn’t need

There’s a myth in Washington that America’s nuclear posture is developed though sober consideration of complex strategic imperatives. There are risks, we are told, but we need thousands of nuclear weapons to keep America safe. They are our ultimate security. Wise men (it is almost always men) have objectively arrived at the minimum necessary deterrent based on decades of tested theory and practice.

E. Martin Schotz, MD: Applying ‘The Great Rule’ in International Relations

I want to take you on a thought experiment, in which we will attempt to use ‘The Great Rule’ as a lens to examine a problem in international relations.  The problem I want to address is international cooperation and understanding in eliminating nuclear weapons. 

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