Paul Robinson: Afghan Tales

Depictions of Russia often have little to do with Russia itself and are more about those doing the depiction. For many in the Western world, Russia is, and long has been, a significant ‘other’, comparison with which serves a useful purpose in the creation of self-identity.

David C. Speedie: Letter to the FT: Russia cannot afford a war with the west

Philip Stephens [“Russia cannot afford a war with the west”, 26 June] contains some home truths about Russia under Vladimir Putin, but comes significantly short of the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  To focus on but a few illustrations…

Marlene Laurelle: Russia’s Constitutional Amendments Keep Several Futures Open for Putin

On July 1, Russian citizens will be voting to approve amendments to the 1993 constitution, proposed by Vladimir Putin in January, planned for a vote in April and postponed to the summer as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If adopted, the main change will be to allow Putin to stay in power after the end of his second consecutive – and fourth total – mandate, possibly up to 2036, when he is going to be 84 years old.

Barbara Slavin: Bolton’s Book Is An Instruction Manual For How Not To Do Foreign Policy

Anyone who has followed the long career of Donald Trump’s ex-national security advisor John Bolton knows of his hostility toward multinational agreements and hard line toward so-called rogue states. His solution to difficult countries like Iran and North Korea is always regime change: through sanctions if possible and military action if necessary.

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