PODCAST: Aaron Mate: “The Russians Are Coming!”

Aaron is gong to break down “Russiagate,” taking a sober look at the media frenzy of “bombshell” stories asserting a Russian conspiracy behind the 2016 election.  Maté explains why he thinks this narrative ultimately aligns with the longstanding interests of U.S. establishment power. For more, follow Aaron’s coverage of RussiaGate on Twitter: https://twitter.com/aaronjmate/status/1095409176862429184

Center for Public Integrity: Americans Overwhelmingly Support INF Treaty

American voters overwhelmingly reject the prospect of withdrawing from a 32-year-old arms-control accord with Russia that forbids either nation from fielding intermediate-range nuclear weapons, according to an in-depth University of Maryland survey scheduled for release today.

Walter Jones, congressman who worked to atone for his Iraq war vote, is dead at 76

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., an Eastern North Carolina congressman who made it his mission to atone for his vote sending U.S. troops into Iraq in the early 2000s, died Sunday on his 76th birthday. Jones, like his father, served his district for nearly a quarter-century.

Paul Robinson: The Putin I Knew

…personalizing Russia’s problems while simultaneously blaming them on innate national characteristics serves only to confuse and to reinforce simplistic prejudices which suggest that whatever differences we may have with the Russians are entirely their fault. But maybe that’s the point.

Professor Ellen Mickiewicz: The first step to persuasion…

Name-calling is ramping up in preparation for the 2020 U.S. presidential election. But there is a new dimension: because Russia puts out broadcast and digital material for consumption in the United States (so-called weaponized information), then Russia’s positive coverage is quite enough to define that candidate in the U.S. as foreign pawn.  NBC, in a flawed report, seemed to have bought in to this unprofessional brand of journalism. There is powerful evidence to nullify it.  Is anyone listening, viewing, reading the output of the Russia-linked entities? That, after all, is the first step to persuasion.

Doug Bandow: Ignore the Free-Riding International Peanut Gallery

Imagine if Georgia, which helped provoke war with Russia in 2008, and Ukraine, which ended up in conflict with Moscow after a street putsch backed by the West ousted their elected president, joined NATO. Tbilisi and Kiev would push to borrow the U.S. military to fight their wars. Who would blame them? But it certainly would not be in America’s interest to let them.

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