Barbara Boland: The machinations of the Democratic establishment are beyond parody

It’s hard to believe that many Democrats will accept the eventual tally out of Iowa, especially given that it will be proffered by the same people who spent the last three and a half years blaming Trump’s win in 2016 on Russian interference.

Paul Pillar: Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections is Even Worse Than You Thought

The misconduct for which Donald Trump has been impeached centers on an attempt to drag a foreign government into a U.S. election campaign. That caper has increased public attention to the problem of foreign interference in U.S. politics, but the problem is more extensive than discourse about the impeachment process would suggest.

Lucy Komisar: Danish Press Board says report on Browder is true

In December, the Danish Press Board rejected a complaint that William Browder filed against Finans,, a Danish financial news outlet, part of the national daily Jyllands-Posten, that reported on his tax evasion and invented Magnitsky story in a documented exposé by journalists Jette Aagaard and Kristoffer Brahm.

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