Ed Lozansky: What to expect in U.S.-Russia relations after Jan. 20, 2021

It is an undeniable fact that presently America is experiencing serious challenges on both domestic and foreign fronts. The dramatic polarization of society, the largest number of pandemic victims and major disputes between the nuclear powers require strong leadership and social unity.

France 24: ‘Back at the head of the table’: A look at Biden’s foreign policy agenda

Observers note that Washington has not been complacent with Moscow in the intervening years, imposing sanctions on Russia during Trump’s term in office even as the man behind the desk in the Oval Office seemed keen to look the other way. But under Biden, the mixed message of friendliness to Vladimir Putin conveyed by Trump – who declined to address such affronts as the bounties Moscow allegedly put on the heads of US troops in Afghanistan – will likely be a thing of the past.

VIDEO: Moderate Rebels: Anti-war US Army veteran warns of hawks in Biden transition team

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is full of war hawks and weapons industry shills. Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with US Army veteran Danny Sjursen, who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan before becoming an anti-imperialist activist and journalist, about what a Biden-Harris administration foreign policy would look like.

Lyle J. Goldstein: Washington should chill out over Russia’s Arctic ambitions

One day before the U.S. election, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the commissioning of a new diesel-electric icebreaker ship, the Viktor Chernomyrdin, which is the most powerful non-nuclear icebreaker in the world. Just two weeks prior, another ceremony announced the entry into service of an even larger and more formidable icebreaker, appropriately named Arktika.

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