VIDEO: Stephen F. Cohen Talks To Tucker Carlson On Syria and US Russian Affairs (FoxNews)

Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies and Politics at Princeton and NYU Stephen F. Cohen talks to Tucker Carlson in the aftermath of the US airstrikes on Syria in which they discuss the dismal state of US-Russian relations. [Note: Start of Prof. Cohen at the 10:30 mark.]


The current approach to European missile defenses emerged prior to the conclusion of the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program (JCPOA) at a time when missile threats from beyond the European theater dominated the European Security landscape.

Why Do We Want a Cooperative Relationship With Russia? (George D. O’Neill, Jr.)

For me and many others on the right, Russia is not the main focus, but a component of years of effort to advance a more realistic and restrained U.S. foreign policy. Someone who is interested in such a foreign policy would naturally conclude that it is in the best interests of our country to have a good relationship, if possible, with any country that possesses the world’s second-largest nuclear arsenal.

Why did Putin oppose Clinton? Decades of American hypocrisy (Simon Waxman)

We can turn back to Yugoslavia to find the roots of Putin’s loathing toward Clinton and her ideology. It was during NATO’s 1999 air campaign over Kosovo that then-President Bill Clinton helped to inaugurate the current era of militant humanitarianism (that is, humanitarian intervention at the point of a gun).

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