Stephen F. Cohen: How America Lost Post-Soviet Russia

Demetri Kofinas speaks with Stephen Cohen, one of the world’s foremost Russia experts about why he believes the United States bears much of the responsibility for its fractured relationship with Putin’s Russia and the serious prospects of nuclear war in the 21st century.

Benjamin Bidder: The Case of Sergei Magnitsky

The story of Sergei Magnitsky has come to symbolize the brutal persecution of whistleblowers in Russia. Ten years after his death, inconsistencies in Magnitsky’s story suggest he may not have been the hero many people — and Western governments — believed him to be.

Ted Galen Carpenter: When The Deep State Bullied Reagan’s Foreign Policy Chief

It is extraordinarily naïve to assert that powerful bureaucracies and their key personnel do not protect their institutional interests, push policies in directions they prefer, and attempt to dilute, delay, or defeat initiatives they oppose.

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