Gil Barndollar: Pete Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard offer a study in contrasts-in worldview and in service.

Media dismissal and outright slander has knee-capped Gabbard’s campaign to be president. Her fellow millennial veteran provided a small assist. Interviewed a week ago by Bill Maher, the late night host told Buttigieg, “You are the only military veteran in this.” “Yeah,” replied the mayor, his sister-in-arms erased.

William Arkin: Exclusive: With Attention on Iran, US Military Prepares For War With Russia

During the height of tensions with Iran last year, the United States conducted an unprecedented series of war games. Over five months, from May until the end of September, 93 separate military exercises were held, with forces operating continuously in, above and around 29 countries.

TAI: Michael Lind on Reviving Democracy

Lind, author of the new book The New Class War says “there’s agreement among people with very different views of history that what we call “liberalism”…has moved toward hyper-individualism in the culture and deregulation of the economy, and that this is a bad thing. It’s bad for community. It’s bad for the nation-state.”

Steven Pifer: Don’t Let New START Die

Little suggests grounds for optimism about nuclear arms control as long as Mr. Trump remains president. Change will require that the Democratic candidate win in November. His or her administration would then have to move immediately to extend New START before exploring additional measures that could usefully regulate an ever more complex arms competition with Russia and others.

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