The Hill: Facebook tells Congress it can’t prove or disprove Trump-Russia collusion

Facebook informed Congress in newly released documents that it could not prove or disprove collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russians who may have used the online platform to try to sway opinions during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Fred Weir: Politics over peace? Critics say Ukraine’s president sidelining Minsk accords.

President Poroshenko is set to sign a bill that will redefine the conflict between Kiev and Eastern rebels. But the goal of the legislation seems to be less about ending the fighting and more about winning upcoming elections.

Politico: Shultz warns Congress against low-yield nuclear weapons

Former Republican Secretary of State George Shultz on Thursday warned Congress against embracing the Trump administration’s consideration of new nuclear weapons with smaller explosive yields – as proposed in a draft of the Pentagon’s pending Nuclear Posture Review.

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