Austrian arrested over Ukraine conflict (Deutsche Welle)

Austrian prosecutors confirmed Sunday’s arrest at Dorohusk, a crossing on Poland’s eastern border with Ukraine, but the context of the suspect’s alleged crimes remained unclear. The Polish news agency PAP first reported the arrest. The French news agency AFP initially said the man had fought with rebels, but Reuters later reported the man had fought on the Ukrainian government’s side. [Editor’s Note: If he had fought with the rebels, crossing through from Poland would have been an odd choice….]

Russia Seeks Meeting With U.S., UN on Syria Next Week in Geneva (Bloomberg)

Russia plans to hold talks with the U.S. and the United Nations next week in Geneva aimed at breathing new life into the Syrian peace process, state media reported, in what would mark the first such contacts since the new administration of Donald Trump took office.

The Pentagon has developed plans for “Saturation Strike” Against Syria (The Intercept)

According to both U.S. military officials, the current proposal would likely result in Russian military deaths and mark a drastic escalation of U.S. force in Syria. One U.S. military official said the decision to allow the strikes, which would kill Russians, signals a significant change in policy by the Trump administration.

US Troops Deployed To Ukraine, Without Debate (Stars and Stripes)

For three years, U.S. Army Europe has been leading an effort to bolster the capability of Ukraine’s armed forces. The effort, initially focused on developing the country’s national guard, has been expanded to include the training of regular active-duty forces.

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