Washington Post: After a year of Trump, Russians are still waiting for the thaw

A year into Trump’s term, that improvement is nowhere in sight…Trump has given his go-ahead for the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine for use against ­Russian-backed separatists, a step Obama avoided. And the new U.S. National Security Strategy, which the White House released last month, names Russia alongside China as challenging “American power, influence, and interests.”

NY Magazine: Glenn Greenwald’s war on the Russia investigation

When it comes to what the investigation was designed to focus on, Greenwald says he’s still waiting for hard evidence that the Trump campaign aided Russian operatives in hacking the Clinton-campaign emails – or struck some other corrupt bargain.

VIDEO: Paul Robinson: Do We Still Need NATO?

Paul Robinson, professor in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa and former officer in both the British and Canadian armies, examines the arguments for and against NATO’s continued existence, and challenges whether the organization continues to serve a useful purpose.

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