Mary Dejevsky: Two Views of the Syria Conflict that Seem Never to Meet

“Our” version is that Russia’s “peace efforts” are merely an attempt to keep Assad in power at all costs, and that his departure must still be a precondition for peace. “Their” version is that there can be no solution without Assad, and that his fate should be decided in elections. Meanwhile a parallel, but potentially complementary, UN peace effort is making little progress, and the blood continues to flow in Ghouta.

PODCAST Stephen F. Cohen: Russiagate as Historical Amnesia or Denialism

Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at NYU and Princeton, and John Batchelor continue their (usually) weekly discussions of the new US-American Cold War. Russians pride themselves on an awareness of “living history”- memories of past events whose recurrence or consequences continue to influence current politics. The phenomenon known as “Russiagate” suggests that many Americans have less such awareness or memories, though this may be partly generational.

Thomas Frank: The hysteria over Russian bots has reached new levels

Brian Fallon, a former Hillary Clinton press secretary, referred to the alleged Russian effort as follows: “It seems like the creative instincts and the sophistication exceeds a lot of the US political operatives who do this for a living.” Of what, specifically, did this sophistication consist?

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