Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr: A Searing Antiwar Speech, Fifty (One) Years Later

“The March on Washington was a powerful speech,” Lewis said to me recently, over the phone. Lewis was present for that one, too: he spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial minutes before King did. “It was a speech for America, but the speech he delivered in New York, on April 4, 1967, was a speech for all humanity—for the world community.” He added, “I heard him speak so many times. I still think this is probably the best.”

Max Blumenthal: How ‘Russiagate’ Helped Secure a Dangerous Arms Deal

Brian Milakovsky, a Fulbright scholar who is working with an aid organization on the Ukrainian side of Donbas, told me the Javelins would provoke Russia to escalate its military involvement and dramatically deepen suffering on both sides.

Stephen F. Cohen: The US ‘Betrayed’ Russia but It Is Not ‘News That’s Fit to Print

New evidence that Washington broke its promise not to expand NATO “one inch eastward” – a fateful decision with ongoing ramifications – has not been reported by ‘The New York Times’ or other agenda-setting media outlets.

Brian Milakovsky: Cut Off: What Does the Economic Blockade of the Separatist Territories Mean for Ukraine?

Ten months have passed since Ukraine imposed a full economic blockade of the part of the Donbas under Russian and separatist control. What has it meant for Ukraine’s economy and for the prospects of the territories’ economic and social reintegration?

Robert Legvold: US-Russia Relations in 2017: Extreme Disappointment

Disappointment—extreme disappointment—marks what the year 2017 has been in US-Russian relations. The relationship is stuck. The hole in which it is stuck is deep and dark—and growing more so. Each side had hoped for better.

Tom Switzer: Alexander Downer meeting doesn’t prove the Trump campaign colluded with Russia

The key question at the heart of this investigation is not whether the Russians had dirt on Clinton, including damaging emails. The issue is whether the Trump campaign was working with Russian officials to acquire and disseminate information about her that could be used to tilt the 2016 election.

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