Paul Robinson: On the Kremlin’s Trojan Horses (re: new Atlantic Council report)

Critics of Russia often complain that state control of the media leads to an absence of different viewpoints on key issues. Yet what we see here is that in parts of the Western world, there is an almost absolute conformity of belief among the ruling elite, a conformity so total that it’s doubtful that even a totalitarian state could match it.

Andrei P. Tsygankov: American Russophobia in the age of liberal decline

Since 2012 at the latest, it has become common to hear American and Russian media accusing the leaders of their respective countries not only of violating international law, but also of developing political systems based on cynicism, injustice, and disregard for human dignity.

Matthew Lenoe: Why it’s time to give the Soviet Union its due for World War II

Paying tribute to the overwhelming contribution of Soviet men and women to victory in World War II and commemorating their losses would go a long way to soothing that sense of grievance and improving Russian-American relations.

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