Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor: ‘Russiagate’ Zealots (Mainly Democrats) Have Become a Major Threat to US National Security

At an international summit in Vietnam last week, President Trump took necessary steps to reduce the perils of the new Cold War with Russia. Liberal Democrats call it “treasonous.”

Pietro Shakarian: Russia’s Relations with the Kurds

Russia’s cooperation with the Kurds of Iraq and Syria in the fight against ISIL has been widely publicized by the Western media. However, less well-known is the fact that Russia’s relations with various Kurdish groups date back almost two centuries.

Part II of Max Blumenthal’s Special Report: McCarthyism Inc: Introducing the Counter-Terror ‘Experts’ Hyping Russian Threats and Undermining Our Civil Liberties

As the government’s crusade against Russian meddling widens, it appears increasingly like a pretext for online surveillance, ramped up securitization of social media and the suppression of dissent.

Part I of Max Blumenthal’s Special Report: Meet Clint Watts, a Dubious Russia Meddling ‘Expert’ Lobbying the U.S. Government to ‘Quell Information Rebellions’

So who is Watts, and how did he emerge seemingly from nowhere to become the star congressional witness on Russian meddling? Dubious expertise, impressive salesmanship.

Stephen Kinzer: NATO is headed for a very messy break-up

Today NATO systematically confronts Russia with troop movements, arms buildups and maneuvers near Russian borders. At the same time, it supports American “out-of-area” wars in places like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Turkey has no interest in joining either of those projects. It feels no obligation to do so. That certifies its effective withdrawal from NATO.

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