Nicolai N. Petro: Russia’s Mission

A decade ago, influential Russian analysts concluded that the emergence of a multipolar world was inevitable, and that Russia could benefit from this transition by adopting a strategy that combined great power realism and “traditional” Russian values.This strategy, first elaborated in Vladimir Putin’s Valdai Speech of 2013, has since come to be known as “civilizational realism.” This essay describes how, through civilizational realism, Russia hopes to forge a new, and more ‘congenial’ world order.

Russia Reflections by Michael Abkin

The Russia we saw is not the Russia you read or hear about. Not by a long shot… I traveled to Russia in September 2018 as part of a group of about 25 self- appointed U.S. citizen diplomats. Organized by Sharon Tennison and her Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI), our mission was four-fold…

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