We Don’t Want The Smoking Gun To Be A Mushroom Cloud (Robert Shines)

The words above were spoken by former National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice in reference to Iraq’s purported possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) prior to the Iraq War. With the latest allegations against Donald Trump being labelled by some as Russiagate’s “smoking gun” Rice’s quote is actually much more relevant and truthful now than when it was originally uttered.

PODCAST: Cold-War News Not Fit to Print (Stephen F. Cohen)

Princeton and NYU Professor Emeritus Stephen F. Cohen argues that the mainstream media narrative of the new Cold War, and of “Russiagate,” which has become a constituent part of US-Russian relations in American politics, excludes important elements of events that do not conform to the orthodox view that Russian President Putin is solely to blame for the new Cold War…

PODCAST: Reconsidering Russia: Zhores Medvedev Talks To Pietro Shakarian

Dr. Zhores Medvedev discusses his life and career. This exhaustive interview includes discussions of Dr. Medvedev’s scientific research, his youth in 1920s-1930s Leningrad, his father’s arrest during Stalin’s Terror in the 1930s, his military service in the Red Army during World War II, his dissent, and the dissent of his twin brother Roy Medvedev.


The two leaders also set up a working group on cyber-security. Above all, although numerous contentious issues divide the two countries, the meeting clearly suggested that, unlike in the Obama years, they would not become personalised.

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