PODCAST: Was a Cuban Missile Crisis Averted in Syria, the Trans-Atlantic Alliance Ruptured, and Intelgate Exposed? (Stephen F. Cohen)

Princeton and NYU Professor Emeritus Stephen F. Cohen thinks three moments of truth about the current state of American-Russian relations were recently revealed, but so little covered in the mainstream media that he was reminded of an old routine by the comedian George Carlin. A local radio newscaster begins his report: “Nuclear war in Europe. Details after the sports.” Cohen and John Batchelor discuss each of the developments at some length

US Risks Wider War by Downing Syrian Plane (Gilbert Doctorow)

Another U.S. military strike inside Syria — this time, shooting down a Syrian bomber — has escalated tensions with Russia, even opening the possibility that Russian anti-aircraft missiles will target U.S. warplanes, reports Gilbert Doctorow.

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