Mark Episkopos: Joe Biden’s Pick of Victoria Nuland Means Relations with Russia Could Get Worse

Reports of Nuland’s future appointment are sure to come as a source of elation to the government in Kiev. By the same token, they send perhaps the clearest message yet to Moscow that the prospects for meaningful U.S.-Russian rapprochement under a Biden administration appear exceedingly slim.

Anatol Lieven: A lesson in cyber spying vs. cyber attack

This distinction is crucial. An attack on the citizens or infrastructure of another state has traditionally been considered an act of war. Actions by the United States, Russia, Israel and other countries in recent decades have somewhat blurred this distinction.

Paul Robinson: Fascist Blindness

Yale historian Timothy Snyder was out banging the fascist drum again this weekend in The New York Times. In the aftermath of the Washington riot by America’s version of the old Russian Black Hundreds, Snyder warns of Donald Trump’s ‘pre-fascism’. This builds on his previous work, which portrays Trump as tool of the not pre- but very genuinely ‘fascist’ Valdimir Putin.

John Kiriakou: Biden’s Nominee for CIA Director

President-elect Joe Biden has finally named a new CIA director, one of the final senior-level appointees for his new administration.  Much to the surprise of many of us who follow these things, he named senior diplomat Williams Burns to the position.  Burns is one of the most highly-respected senior U.S. diplomats of the past three decades.  He has ably served presidents of both parties and is known as both a reformer and as a supporter of human rights.

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