Presidents have too much power over U.S. nukes (Bruce Blair)

Bruce Blair, a research scholar in Princeton University’s Program on Science and Global Security and a founder of Global Zero, the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons writes “The crisis with North Korea shows just how urgent it is that we change the way the United States handles its nuclear arsenal.”

Book Review: Ukraine in the Crossfire (Paul Robinson)

…it is important that Americans (and Europeans and Canadians) understand that there is guilt on many sides in Ukraine, that their own countries’ hands are far from clean, and that there is much more to the war in Donbass than ‘Russian aggression.’

PODCAST: Political Conflict Over Historical Monuments, From Charlottesville to Moscow (Stephen F. Cohen)

Having grown up in the Jim Crow South and later become a historian of the Soviet Stalinist and post-Stalinist eras, Cohen acknowledges his perceptions may have been influenced by his autobiography. He also acknowledges important differences between the black victims of American slavery and the more diverse victims of the Stalinist Terror. But, he argues, the historical and political consequences have been similar.

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