Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor: Have 20 Years of NATO Expansion Made Anyone Safer?

Cohen notes that twenty years ago, in 1997, President Bill Clinton made the decision to expand NATO eastward. That same year, in order to placate post–Soviet Russia, then weak and heralded in Washington as America’s “strategic friend and partner,” the Russian-NATO Founding Act was adopted. It promised that expansion would entail no “permanent stationing of substantial combat forces.” Cohen takes the occasion of this anniversary year to ask whether NATO’s eastward expansion has created more insecurity than the security it promised.

Harry Cockburn: Russia warns Trump over Iran nuclear deal: ‘US withdrawal will seriously aggravate situation’

Russia has warned Donald Trump’s administration not to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal – saying America’s withdrawal would harm “predictability, security, stability and non-proliferation around the world”.

Dmitry Suslov: Egoistic Hegemonism

The never-ending political infighting in the US could be viewed as an inevitable stage in an overly complex path the US must take to find its place in the world, one that is changing in spite of what the US wants or thinks. On the other hand, these political struggles make it even harder and more painful for the US and for the rest of the world to adapt to these changes.

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