Peter Van Buren: Political Journalism is Dead

The uber-false narrative Max Boot and others Frankensteined into existence was Russiagate. Trump wasn’t the Manchurian Candidate and there was no quid pro quo for Russian election help. Yet the media literally accused the president of treason by melding together otherwise unrelated truthlets…

Paul Robinson: The Narcissism of the West

States (and non-state actors) have their own interests unconnected to us. The fact that their pursuit of their interests sometimes makes them clash with Western states who are pursuing different interests doesn’t mean that they’re doing what they doing because of us.

Stephen F. Cohen: Will Russia Be Driven from the West?

We can only guess whether or not any of the Democratic candidates would as president seek to reverse Russia’s drift away from the West—the one candidate who says she would do so, Tulsi Gabbard, was excluded from the debates.

ELN: Group Statement on Nuclear Arms Control

Ahead of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, over 100 members of the European Leadership Network’s network of political, diplomatic and military figures call on leaders at UNGA to address rising nuclear risk, and renew commitments to international nuclear diplomacy and arms control.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: The American public supports New START. Will the Trump administration?

For anyone who thought endorsing arms control was controversial or partisan, a recent survey shows impressive public support for extending the New START treaty, which is otherwise set to expire in 2021.

Tony Wood: Putin Suffers Setback in Moscow Election, But Remains Secure Nonetheless

In what many analysts saw as a test for Vladimir Putin’s rule, the Moscow election was a setback of sorts, but the opposition’s orientation towards capitalism undermines its own anti-corruption platform, says Tony Wood.

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