Is NATO Getting Too Big to Succeed? (Charles Kupchan)

…publicly declaring the prospective closing of NATO’s open door would resign Georgia, Ukraine and the other states located between NATO’s eastern frontier and Russia to a strategic gray zone. But the prospect of NATO membership only fuels false hopes and encourages Russian intervention to forestall their westward course.

Trump chastises fellow NATO members (Washington Post)

Trump’s packed schedule in a city he once called a “hellhole” took him from one meeting to another with partners and allies who wondered which president would show up: the disciplined script-bound leader who has made mostly conventional public remarks during his international trip, or the one who has kept them in the crosshairs.

A Special Prosecutor for Criminal Leaks (Patrick Buchanan)

President Trump has the authority to declassify security secrets. And in sharing that intel with the Russians, who have had airliners taken down by bombs, he was trying to restore a relationship. On fighting Islamist terror, we and the Russians agree.

Amb. Jack Matlock: The End and the Beginning

Jack Matlock, the last US ambassador to the USSR presented a talk entitled “The End and the Beginning” at a conference entitled END OF TRANSITION: Armenia 25 Years On which was organized by the USC Institute of Armenian Studies in Yerevan, on May 23-24.

Thomas Friedman Asks: Why Fight ISIS? (NY Times)

Occasionally we highlight particularly outrageous articles in order to draw attention to the uphill battle the Committee faces in the current political/media environment. Thomas Friedman, NY Times columnist, frequent guest on Charlie Rose and the Sunday morning shows asks: “Why should our goal right now be to defeat the Islamic State in Syria?”After all, says Tom, “ISIS right now is the biggest threat to Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and pro-Shiite Iranian militias…”

How Did Russiagate Start? (Matt Taibbi)

The uncertainty has led to widespread public terror, mass media hysteria and excess, and possibly even panic in the White House itself, where, who knows, Trump may even have risked military confrontation with Russia in an effort to shake the collusion accusations.

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