VIDEO: US-Russia Relations in “Most Dangerous Moment” – With Abby Martin and Stephen F. Cohen

Professor Stephen F. Cohen addresses the claim being trumpeted by politicians and media on both sides of the political spectrum that Russia is now the “number one” threat to the United States. Given the proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine, Prof. Cohen tells host Abby Martin that the real danger today is “a new, multi-front Cuban missile crisis.”

Russia takes power-broking role as Syria peace talks to begin in Astana (The Guardian)

Russia is to take the role of Middle East power broker on Monday when it seeks to strengthen the Syrian ceasefire by sponsoring a face-to-face meeting between opposition fighters and representatives of Bashar al-Assad’s government.

PODCAST: Reheating the Cold War, Prof. Stephen F. Cohen Interviewed by David Barsamian

A reheated Cold War with a new arms race and the catastrophic dangers of hot war are the last things that humanity and the planet need, says Professor Stephen F. Cohen in an interview with David Barsamian. The full transcript can be found at our website and this link will bring you to the audio. 

The Russian-American ‘Reset’, NATO Expansion, and the Making of the Ukrainian Crisis (Gordon Hahn)

An emerging myth–one being put forward by both present and former U.S. government officials, the DC think tank community, and the media–is that NATO expansion had nothing to do with the making of the Ukrainian crisis and civil war. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Did Progressives and Putin Combine to Defeat Hillary Clinton? (James Carden)

Progressives and anti-war Democrats have been the target of baseless accusations of unpatriotic disloyalty, some of which would be funny, if the stakes weren’t so high. Self-proclaimed leaders of the Trump #Resistance on Twitter are growing increasingly fond of insinuating — and in some cases accusing — those of us who were not “with Her” of being “with” Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

PODCAST: The Fight Over a Trump-Putin Détente Begins (Stephen F. Cohen)

Nation Contributing Editor Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor continue their weekly discussions, now in their fourth year, about the new US-Russian Cold War. Events this past week make clear that Trump was serious about changing US policy toward Russia, and the enemies of détente know it.

Transcript of interview with Donald Trump (excerpt re: Russia)

Transcript of interview with Donald Trump (excerpt re Russia)

Q: Do you think that what’s happened in Syria now with Putin intervening is a good thing or a bad thing?

Nah, I think it’s a very rough thing. It’s a very bad thing, we had a chance to do something when we had the line in the sand and it wasn’t – nothing happened.

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