Syria’s ‘WMD moment’: Don’t be duped again (Peter Hitchens)

Under immense pressure from the despots of Saudi Arabia, the USA will not give up its efforts to overthrow the Syrian government. It is clear that it is now prepared to risk an open confrontation with Moscow to achieve this. Why? Who do they think they are, and how can their cause be so good that they take such risks?

New Cold War Spins Out of Control (Alistair Crooke)

In the aftermath of the U.S. attack on the Syrian army positions overlooking and commanding the Dier A-Zor airfield – the airfield, whose daily “Berlin air-bridge” style flights, are the sole lifeline to a city long besieged by ISIS – the Russian U.N. Ambassador asked a pertinent rhetorical question at the United Nations Security Council: Who is running U.S. policy: Is it the Pentagon or the White House?

Kerry defends diplomacy as Russian-backed forces pound Aleppo (Reuters)

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defended his efforts to negotiate with Moscow over the war in Syria on Monday, despite the collapse of a ceasefire that has led to a massive Russian-backed assault on the besieged rebel-held sector of Aleppo.

The explanations behind Russian and US airstrikes in Syria are a lesson in propaganda (Patrick Cockburn)

Airstrikes that hit the wrong target have always been justified or denied by the perpetrators with a rich blend of hypocrisy and lies. It was interesting to see this tradition of deliberate mendacity being not only maintained, but outdone in Syria over the last week.

Dealing With Russia: Advice To The Next President (Ambassador Jack Matlock)

What does the next president need to do about US-Russian Relations? Former US Ambassador to the USSR Jack Matlock says the first thing is to understand why, in many respects, our current policy is not serving the national interest. It is not as defective and dangerous as it was when President Obama took office, but it is still, in many respects, on the wrong track.

The west looks on as corruption and bigotry rule in the ‘new Ukraine’ (The Guardian)

Two years ago, the west looked at Ukraine with enthusiasm. These days, the sentiments are closer to despair and fatigue. My country has not had the European breakthrough that was promised. Those who came to power in Kiev to the applause of western elites now hope that their international partners will turn a blind eye to the way they run the country.

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