Putin Praises ‘All-Embracing’ Partnership of Russia, China (AP/ABC News)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday emphasized economic ties with China and praised what he called Russia’s “all-embracing and strategic partnership” with its neighbor, during a visit to Beijing that takes place against the background of a drop in trade and lingering mistrust.

The “Hybrid War” Fantasy Lives On

On Thursday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing ostensibly dedicated to “Reviewing the Agenda and Assessing the Potential Outcomes of the Warsaw Summit.” Witnesses Ian Brzezinski of the Atlantic Council and Derek Chollet of the German Marshall Fund testified about the danger Russian “hybrid war” poses to NATO. As such, today we are featuring valuable examination of the concept by two well respected Kennan Institute scholars.

Four Reasons Why Not To Approve NATO Protocol with Montenegro (Filip Kovacevic, PhD)

Open Letter to U.S. Senators: Four Reasons Why Not To Approve NATO Protocol with Montenegro by Filip Kovacevic, PhD

On May 19, 2016, 28 NATO foreign ministers, including the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, signed the accession protocol with Montenegro in Brussels. In order for Montenegro to be admitted, all NATO member states must ratify the protocol. Since this is a treaty document, the U.S. Senate has to approve it by a two-thirds vote.

Germany warns of new risks to Europe; urges dialogue (ABC News)

Seventy-five years after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, which led to the deaths of tens of millions, Germany’s foreign minister warned Wednesday that “Europe is at risk of splitting along new divides,” while Russia’s president drew parallels to the lead-up to the attack and today, saying the West still seeks to isolate his country.

WPost’s ‘Agit-Prop’ for the New Cold War (Robert Parry)

The Washington Post, the neocons’ media flagship, has fired a broadside at a new documentary after it blasted a hole in the side of the anti-Russian Magnitsky narrative, which helped launch the new Cold War, writes Robert Parry.

A Response to William Browder (Rachel Bauman)

In expressing his vexation with my article, Browder, who abjured his American citizenship in 1998 to become a British subject, reveals more about his own selective advocacy of democratic principles than about the film itself. He might recall that in his former homeland freedom of the press remains a cherished value.

German Foreign Minister attacks NATO Sabre-Rattling. Good (Peter Hitchens)

Here’s an astonishing development which, in different times, would have got a lot more attention. Germany’s Foreign Minister , Frank-Walter Steinmeier has publicly warned NATO against ‘warmongering’ after it held daft and provocative military exercises in Poland, during which it pretended to have a capacity and a united political will which it simply does not possess.

Why Bibi and Vlad Get Along (Paul Pillar)

In a recent article on Israel’s foreign relations, Robert Danin observes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin “clearly enjoy a better relationship with each other than either does with U.S. President Barack Obama.”

PODCAST: Is the US Pursuing a Rogue Policy by Waging Undeclared War Against Russia? (Stephen F. Cohen)

Washington’s NATO buildup on Russia’s borders, its refusal to cooperate with Moscow in Syria and Ukraine, and its anti-Putin propaganda form an ominous pattern, says Nation contributing editor and ACEWA Board Member, Stephen F. Cohen.

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